With my deep expertise in Golang development, I have consistently delivered highly efficient, reliable solutions to even the most daunting engineering challenges. I have a proven track record of creating and maintaining massive data pipelines, robust public APIs, and critical background processing jobs. And when it comes to infrastructure management, I have employed a range of powerful tools - Prometheus, Grafana, Pager Duty, New Relic - to ensure the uninterrupted operation of mission-critical services.

Skills and Abilities

  • Golang (6 years), Python
  • SQL, NoSQL, Redis
  • Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD
  • Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Hybrid Cloud
  • Prometheus, Grafana, New Relic, Pager Duty
  • Git, Github
  • Linux, MacOS
  • Agile, Scrum
  • Jira, Confluence, Slack, Zoom
  • Public Speaking, Mentoring, Leadership

Employment History


Oct 2022 - Present

Golang Developer

Tech Stack: Golang, SQL, HTML, Docker, Hybrid Cloud

  • Client’s email marketing and newsletter system needed to be completely replaced with an on prem solution
  • Built custom application in Go capible of sending 5MM high quality html emails per day
  • Created an internal tool to automate the creation of email campaigns and scheduling emails


Feb 2022 - Oct 2022

Senior Software Engineer

Tech Stack: Golang, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio

Solo.io is the leader in istio and kubernetes automation.

  • Improved performance of kubernetes pod lookups by 10x and implemented benchmark tests to measure query performance
  • Implemented redis storage and retrieval of kubernetes statuses in a sharded environment with eventual consistency
  • Participate in support call rotation to receive customer calls for high priority issues

Spotify / Megaphone

Dec 2020 - Feb 2022

Backend Software Engineer II

Tech Stack: Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, GCP, AWS, Docker, Hybrid Cloud

Megaphone was purchased by Spotify, my contributions to the adserver and content delivery code around Streaming Ad Insertion was a large contributor to the deal. I am continuing my role, leading the backend development team focused on our largest applications written in golang. We are focused on scaling up to 1 billion podcast downloads a month and adding new features to an existing api.

  • Migrated our infrastructure from on prem machines running rancher to gke in google cloud
  • Upgraded a large batch job that to an event driven system that improved accuracy, observability, reliability, speed and scaling potential of the system
  • Created new revenue streams by adding the ability to communicate via the VAST spec to our adserver
  • Created a new reporting pipeline to track ad impression events for billing purposes
  • Created Streaming Ad Insertion Tracking capabilities for podcasting
  • Led code walkthrough’s to help other developers understand the business logic of applications

Megaphone (Aquired by Spotify)

Sep 2019 - Dec 2020

Software Engineer

Tech Stack: Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, AWS, Heroku, GCP, Hybrid Cloud

Megaphone is a leader in technology supporting podcasts. I am the lead developer on the backend services that support audio streaming and dynamic advertisement insertion.

  • Migrated audio data services from heroku with a managed cdn to kubernetes on bare metal
  • Improved audio delivery architecture using golang/nginx/docker/kubernetes
  • Added features to the advertisement delivery service written in golang
  • Setup CI/CD pipelines to automate testing and deployment of code updates
  • Mentored junior golang developers through PRs and 1 on 1 meetings

Decipher Technology Studios

Nov 2018 - Sep 2019

Software Engineer

Tech Stack: Golang, Docker, AWS

Decipher used the envoy proxy along with golang plugins to create a tool to manage a service mesh architecture. They also created a product to encrypt blobs of data before uploading encrypted blobs to s3, along with a complex authorization solution. I worked on the authorization solution for the data encryption product.

  • Api integration using golang to write and consume restful apis
  • Wrote a service to generate and sign jwt tokens with complex authorization structures using lisp
  • Created and maintained CI/CD pipeline written in circleci YAML
  • Dockerized golang applications for deployments using kubernetes

Blackstone Technology Group

Jul 2017 - Nov 2018

Software Engineer

Tech Stack: Golang, Docker, AWS, Consul, Terraform, Ansible

Blackstone was a government contracting agency that helped US DHS with all cloud applications and technology.I worked as an integration engineer working with golang, terraform, and ansible.

  • Integrated AWS EC2 api, keycloak, Ansible, and Terraform to create a product that helped migrate DHS applications to the AWS cloud
  • Wrote go code to integrate the services into a single api
  • Wrote Angular/Typescript to consume the api and be a full stack application
  • Integrated hashicorp products into the EC2 instances like consul and vault

Education History

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

I started out as an Electrical engineer but found myself writing code to solve most of my homework and exams. This lead me to change majors into computer engineering, which focuses on creating practical solutions with software to solve real world problems.


  • gRPC example - simple grpc NoSQL database client and server using golang
  • protobuf example - simple example demonstrating how to use protobuf in golang
  • jumpsuit - create a CRUD api out of any struct in golang with only a few lines of code
  • ref collector - collects visits on my various projects and writes data about the visit to postgres
  • react/python/serverless - color picking and voting app deployed using aws s3 and aws lambda
  • recursive forest generation - fun project that uses javascript to recursively generate a forest
  • tolerance - fault tolerant math operations in golang inspired by spacex
  • apguard - distributed proxy that acts as a rate limiter for downstream http services
  • c++ arduino game - memory game deployed on an arduino
  • go concurrency model - examples of how to use channels and go routines to design concurrent go code
  • Caverunner - While creating this game I had to think about limitations of graphics within the browser and how to make the code efficient enough to run on most computers.
  • Path finding Hokie - fun game that uses BFS to move a Hokie around in a maze.
  • Basketball Game - physics simulation in javascript used to make a small basketball game.

Certifications & Honors

12/2018 Best Hackathon Project 2018 Decipher Technology Studios

service that created a graph representing microservice dependencies using http request tracing